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We have selected a wide range of pharmaceutical grade skin care products to satisfy your needs. Whether to erase wrinkles or fine lines, to erase stretch marks, for treating rosacea, vitiligo or simply alleviate the effects of skin aging, you will find here safe and effective products from the best laboratories.



Age Breaker
Age Breaker is formulated for healthy adults who want to improve the quality of their skin. It is a supplement formulated with extract of Rosmarinus officinalis, titled rosmarinic acid, selected for its properties to help reduce the effects of glycation, a major cause of skin aging.
60 capsules / $98.95
Age Breaker Cream
Age Breaker Cream is an innovation to fight the signs of skin aging and fatigue, dark circles, puffiness and skin sagging.
40 ml / $74.95
Arubix M anti-redness cream
The best treatment worldwide for rosacea and couperosis. Arubix M Anti-Redness Cream for skin with red and blotchy tendencies (diffuse redness or visible small blood vessels), specifically suited to normal and oily skins.
30 ml / $48.95

Arubix S Anti Redness Cream
The best treatment worldwide for rosacea and couperosis. Arubix S Anti-Redness Cream for skin with red and blotchy tendencies (diffuse redness or visible small blood vessels), specifically suited to dry and sensitive skin.
30 ml / $48.95

Arubix Sun Protection Cream
This Arubix Sun Protection Cream is a tinted SPF-50, sun cream for skin with red and blotchy tendencies (diffuse redness or visible small blood vessels) for the face and neck.
40 ml / $48.95

Biotin supplement supports the health of the skin, thick shiny hair and strong nails as well as of the nerves and digestive tract.
250 tablets / $44.95

Super Collagen + C. Collagen maintains firmness and flexibility of the skin.
250 tablets / $58.95

DHEA Plus Body Cream
Body cream with DHEA, Aloe Vera, vitamin E and MSM.
60 ml (2 oz) pump bottle / $46.95

Melatonin Cream
Night Cream able to reduce development of brown skin spots due to age.
60 ml (2 oz) / $48.95

Nacriderm Apeel
Nacriderm Apeel consists of fruit acids (lactic and glycolic acids) enriched with salicylic acid and gallocatechin to reduce blemishes by speeding cell renewal. Nacriderm Apeel acts like a scrub daily at home, preparing the skin for a medical peeling.
30 ml / $59.95

Nacriderm Prevent
Nacriderm Prevent consists of a high concentration of gallocatechin which improves the resistance of tissues, while reducing the side effects of cosmetic medical treatments. Nacriderm Prevent is designed to prevent swelling and bruising before and after cosmetic medical treatments.
20 ml / $58.95

Nacriderm Repair
Nacriderm Repair is an anti-redness moisturizer complex (glycyrrhetinic acid, Ruscus, escin), enriched with gallocatechin, which helps reduce dryness and hyperreactivity after plactic interventions. Nacriderm Repair is used to restore the skin after medical plastic procedures.
40 ml / $62.95

Pro K Cream
Treatment against varicosis. Heals bruises and varicosis, reduces scarring, stretch marks and redness.
60 ml / $52.95

Relastyl is clinically proven to be one of the most effective anti-wrinkles treatment in repairing and guarding against the visible signs of aging.
120 ml (4 oz) / $58.95

Royal Jelly Cream
The combination of royal jelly, DMAE and vitamin E provides powerful restorative effects to the face skin and prolong youth and beauty.
60 ml (2 oz) / $39.95

Royal Touch
Royal Touch's all natural formula stimulates collagen growth, resulting in the reduction of deep wrinkles, fine lines, and smooth skin.
30 ml (1 oz) / $54.95

Sensual Lips
Lip enhancer, for more fleshy and more sensual lips.
Toner and Lip enhancer / $49.95

Serum C
Treatment against wrinkles. Antioxidant Therapy fighting facial aging. Topical L-ascorbic acid 10%.
30 ml (1 oz) / $49.95

Skin Eternal
Contains five key ingredients that together protect the skin and support healthy skin tissue.
120 tablets / $59.95

Skin Eternal Plus
Skin Eternal Plus is a Bio-Aligned formula that supports healthy, supple skin.
120 tablets / $68.95

Skin Eternal Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is a multifaceted ingredient which may help support healthy skin function and appearance, as well as help support joint comfort and function.
120 tablets / $67.95

Skin Eternal Hyaluronic Serum
Skin Eternal Hyaluronic Serum contains low molecular weight HA, which is more easily absorbed. Skin Eternal will leave your skin feeling soft and replenished !
50 ml (1.7 oz) / $62.95




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